Learn more about CLF research including the National Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema (BCRL) Clinical Practice Guidelines. Our research targets improving protocol, practice, and knowledge mobilization with consideration of relevance for health practitioners and clinical outcomes.

Current Research

E learning series: translating research into practice

In 2020, the CLF entered a partnership with the University of Alberta, developing an online module learning series, translating research-based best practice and emergent research in lymphedema into practical, healthcare-focused education, designed for healthcare professionals.

Clinical Practice Guidelines: National Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema (BCRL)

In 2019, the CLF began an initiative in collaboration with Alberta Health Services (Guideline Resource Unit), the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Oncology Division, and the University of Alberta Cancer Rehab Clinic Laboratory under Dr. M.L. McNeely, to update and further develop the national guidelines for best-practice management of BCRL in Canada. Access the guideline progress here.

Highlighting Canadian research

In 2015, the report of the  CLF’s second repository of Canadian research was conducted, sampling recent publications and projects highlighting Canadian research in basic science, epidemiology, rehabilitation, surgery, and the social and nursing sciences. The report was published in Pathways Winter 2015 and can be accessed here.

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