Pathways magazine features personal accounts from people living with lymphedema. These inspiring stories can help those with lymphedema feel that they are not alone – and give the message of hope that with proper treatment and self-care, you can take control of lymphedema and lower your risk of it getting worse.

Taking Control
by Catherine Jordan
My body, my rules
(Winter 2021)

Getting hopeful
by Anne-Marie Joncas
The ideal lymphatic surgery candidate’s attitude
(Fall 2021)

Compliance supports good surgical results
by Linda Gimbel
(Fall 2021)

Servicing clients from the front-line
by Wanda Guenther
Transitioning during COVID-19
(Summer 2021)

Self-MLD – Putting the “self” into self MLD
by Lisa McKhann
Yoga basics enhance Manual Lymphatic Drainage self management time
(Winter 2020/21)

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema – Taking lymphedema seriously
by Gail Reichert
Learning fun ways to manage your condition could lead to new hobbies (Summer 2019)

KTS Related Lymphedema – The long road to diagnosis, acceptance, and advocacy
by Berlange Presilus
Bitter journeys can have positive resolutions (Spring 2019)

Life Changes – It’s Complicated
by Angela Dunphy
Finding balance in your life doesn’t always come naturally (Winter 2018/19)

Life Changes – My Own unique colours 
by Gisele Devareness
A patient’s winning battle with negative body image (Fall 2018)

Exercising with Lymphedema – Anything is possible
by Vicki Ferg
What I learned about myself and my lymphedema from completing an Ironman (Summer 2018)

Entrepreneurship and Lymphedema – Plant-based inspiration 
by Amy Beaith
A lymphedema diagnosis that led to entrepreneurial success  (Spring 2018)

Secondary Lymphedema – Lymphedema affects more than the patient
by Michael Holloway
A spouse’s perspective  (Fall 2017)

Lymphedema in Teens – A mother and son journey of self-education
by Bev Lanning
Managing lymphedema, infections and the teen years  (Summer 2017)

Pediatric Lymphedema – This is Ben 
by Katie Nedjelski
A young boy and his family navigate the lymphedema world together  (Winter 2017)

Lymphedema in Teens – Lymphedema is not me
by Isa-Bella Leclair 
A young girl’s journey to self-esteem with lymphedema (Fall 2016)

Surgery for Lymphedema – Life After Lymphedema
by Andrew Matta
Changing and developing practices are inspiring hope for the future (Summer 2016)

Secondary Lymphedema – Patience is a virtue
by Debbie Ciotti-Bowman
A story of how lymphedema transformed a family’s lives (Spring 2016)

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema – Self Care for Lymphedema
by Rachel Pritzker
A patient’s journey with lymphedema led to acknowledgement of the condition by the Quebec government (Fall 2015)

Children’s Primary Lymphedema – Why We Do What We Do
by Edith Mulhall
A therapist treating primary lymphedema in a young boy shares her perspective (Summer 2015)

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema – 5 Stages of my Lymphedema Journey
by Nancy Tvarok
Experiencing the various emotional stages of denial, anger, pity and acceptance (Spring 2015)

Head and Neck Lymphedema – Lymph Story
by Willa Condy Seymour
One patient’s journey with head and neck lymphedema inspires courage and perseverance when faced with life’s unique challenges (Winter 2015)

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema – Life with Lymphedema
by Maria Atherton
A post breast cancer diagnosis of lymphedema inspired this patient’s will to promote research and proper care to her province’s lymphedema association (Fall 2014)

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema – Embarking on One of Life’s Most Profound Journeys
by Diane Martin
How a breast cancer and lymphedema diagnosis changed life drastically for one woman, and inspired her to start a provincial association (Summer 2014)

Primary Lymphedema – The quest to live with lymphedema and not for lymphedema
by Angela Connell-Furi
Living with lymphedema has its challenges. Having full body primary lymphedema as well as multiple chronic illnesses puts one into an entire different ball game. (Spring 2014)

Children’s Primary Lymphedema – Learning about Primary Lymphedema: Our personal Journey
by Joanne Small-Hopkins
A family experiences a maze of learning about a congenital condition and inherited lymphedema (Winter 2014)

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema – We Are All in the Same Boat: Paddling with the WonderBroads dragon boat team
by Leslie Omstead
A glimpse into the practice session of the WonderBroads, a Canadian dragon boat team made up of 52 breast cancer survivors. (Fall 2013)

Secondary Lymphedema – Living with Lymphedema: A patient shares her perspective
by Kathleen McManus
Maintaining a relatively normal, active lifestyle is possible with a support system and valuable resources (Summer 2013)

Primary Lymphedema – My Guardian Angel: An important lesson in accepting differences
by Heidi Nixon
An elementary teacher’s story of sharing her diagnosis with her young students. (Spring 2013)

Primary Lymphedema – Should I Stay or Should I Go?
By Vocem Innominatum Patiens
Weighing the options of seeking specialized treatment abroad. (Winter 2013)

Children’s Lymphedema – The reflections of a mother and son’s adventure
by Kim Avanthay
Reflections of a mother and son after attending the first International Lymphoedema Children’s Camp (Fall 2012)

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema – Living the New Normal
by Erin Pennell
A woman’s story of empowerment following her lymphedema diagnosis. (Summer 2012)

Primary Lymphedema – My Personal Story of Growing Up with Lymphedema
by Charlene Hewitt
Growing up with lymphedema and the difficulty of dealing with a disease during adolescence that takes an emotional toll.(Spring 2012)

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