The Canadian Lymphedema Framework, in collaboration with our education working group, is pleased to offer a Health Professionals Toolkit to support your lymphedema clinical practice.

This toolkit is comprised of the following tools:

  • Lymphedema related case studies by fellow lymphedema professionals
  • PowerPoint slides and presentations to support your lymphedema education efforts
  • Select lymphedema articles, such as research reviews
  • Lymphedema patient photographs to enhance your presentations
  • Lymphedema assessment tools

The Canadian Lymphedema Framework is committed to ensuring that this toolkit is regularly updated with new resources as they become available.

The health professionals toolkit is available by subscription for a nominal fee of $30 which supports the continued development of clinical tools and resources. You can also purchase a group rate for up to four people at $25/person.


If you are already a subscriber, access the HP toolkit below:

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