Rating criteria for CLF website

The internet is full of videos and links related to lymphedema. The Education Working Group (EWG) of the Canadian Lymphedema Framework recommends the website links below for patients, after a rigorous review and rating scale, based on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy and currency of content
  • Suitability of topic for the patient
  • Relevance to the therapist or patient
  • Clarity of explanation
  • Quality of production (sound, visuals, speakers)
  • Rating in relation to similar videos / quantity of similar videos
  • Value of content to emerging research/technologies

Rating scale:      1-unsuitable, 2-poor, 3-not quite acceptable, 4-acceptable, 5-high quality
An overall rating of 4 or 5 is required for acceptance to this website with two professionals conducting the review. 

Recommended videos

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema by Dr. Peter Mortimer (78 minutes)

Lymphedema: New and Emerging Treatments by Dr. Stanley Rockson of the Stanford University School of Medicine (59 minutes)

Interview with an OT about treatment and patient involvement by an Occupational Therapist (4 minutes)

Self-Arm and Leg Bandaging and Self-Massage Demonstrations by MD Anderson therapists (4 videos, each 14-20 minutes in length)
Available free from iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/itunes-u/lymphedema-video/id431862900?mt=10

Early Detection & Intervention Part 2: A Patient’s Story by Pauline Mitchel (55 minutes)

Living with Lymphedema: Physical, Emotional and Quality of Life Concerns by Dr. Sheila Ridner (66 minutes)