Pathways magazine welcomes submissions featuring lymphedema related case studies that may help fellow health professionals. Below are three case studies from archived Pathways magazines. Readers are encouraged to contact their provincial lymphedema association to subscribe to this quarterly magazine.

Use of Circaid Reduction Kit for Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy
By Circaid Medical Products, Inc., A Medi Company

Scrotal Lymphedema: Compression solutions for a challenging condition
By Martina Reddick
Treatment of scrotal lymphedema depends largely on the underlying cause of the edema

Multifactorial Lymphedema: CDT positively impacts primary lymphedema and lipedema
By Colette Swain
Demonstrating the effectiveness of Combined Decongestive Therapy for multifactorial lymphedema-lipedema

Treating Lymphedema due to Filariasis
By Nadine Maraj-Nyiri
A demonstration of the success and reduction on can achieve when all aspects of CDT are implemented